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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  March 22, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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do we want to leave muammar qaddafi alone? we follow the money. just picture someone a little bit portly looking after you. i am vulnerable and i am expecting nine females tonight. good night. >> we are going to talk about solutions. we talked about good versus evil and this is it. good versus evil. good, things are in order, there is love, there is peace. there is chaos, late and anger. good versus evil. you have to remember: let me ask you this, when you were a kid learning about right versus wrong, or good versus evil, when you had a problem do you remember anyone, anyone, anyone
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in your life, mom, dad, uncle, a teacher, a grandparent, anyone, saying "feel your anger." connect with your hate, cause chaos or disruption? or did they say "no, go with it, love, peace." which, do you remember anyone giving you this advice and saying, that's good advice? never in my life has anyone and i think i would run from those people. that is exactly what millions of people are being encouraged to do here if america. and tonight we have told you before there are influential radicals would have graced and crossed the threshold of our white house more than once. that wish to collapse our economy. turn us against each other. redistribute wealth and overthrow the government of the united states.
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i have told you this over and over and tonight i will present the evidence, including a detailed plan but i won't give it to you. i will allow them to tell you from a conference they had this weekend when they didn't think anyone was licensing. their own detailed land to overthrow the united states of america. their own words. on tape. now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. i want to talk to you tonight. i had a choice to make yesterday. coming to you, trying to find a police man to help with what came to us over the weekend. i realized we're darn near out of policemen. i don't necessarily trust eric
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holder. i don't trust the administration. i don't trust congress. i don't know who to bring this to, except you. that's why i'm bringing this to you tonight. i'm going to play some audio for you in a moment that we broke this morning on my radio program and my website. it is a recording of a speech given over the weekend at pace university. given by a prominent labor leader. and it was given to a very select group of other prominent labor, progressive and community leaders. i believe what you are about to hear is nothing short of a plan to commit economic terrorism. now, i want to define that. "economic terrorism." set forth by the blessed geneva center for security policy. is it this: varied coordinated, and sophisticated or massive destabilizing actions, massive destabilizing actions in order to disrupt the economic and financial stability of a state, a group of states or a society.
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such as market-oriented western societies. for ideological or religious motives. got it? that's how the globe defines economic terrorism. now, has there been any case of domestic economic terrorism? yes. believe it or not. surprisingly, the closest case we have to it, happened just recently. in fact, the jury decided last friday. they judged against bernard von nahaus. 67 years old, convicted by a value jury of "conspiracy under the united states" and faces a prison sentence of 15 years. now what did he do? well, he made coins. he made these. they are liberty dollars they look like u.s. dollars, don't they? i interviewed this guy when i was on the other network. i remember talking to him. i have thought okay, i kind of
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agree with out on the fed thing but what you are doing here kind of sounds illegal. he swore he was doing nothing wrong in the end it looks like i was right. he was convicted friday of making coins that resemble our united states coins, not tessing them. and trying to use them as currency. he had over $70 million in liberty dollars in circulation. this guy was misguided but he wasn't trying to bring down the united states. at least from what he told me. he believed the fed was destroying the dollar. and really? that's a hard stretch, isn't it? by the way, you have to watch the show on friday there is some truth to that. the unbelievable history of the fed. what is it? the monster? the creature of jekyll island. we will give you the truth and none of the crazy conspiracy theories on the fed friday
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59:00. anyway, this guy, was creating what the government said was currency. he said it was going to help. no. goo idea? no. but his goal was not the destruction of the u.s. dollar. now listen to the u.s. attorney. prosecuting the case, this is remember from eric holder's d.o.j. "attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism. " but went a step further and she also said, "while these forms of antigovernment activities do not involve violence, they are every bit as insidious and represent a clear and present danger to the economic stability of this country." you have it? let's be clear. this is eric holder's d.o.j. the attorneys representing the united states against the coin
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guy in north carolina, last friday, they convicted him. they believe attacks affecting the economic stability of america are akin to domestic terrorism and a clear and present danger to the economic stability of this country. you have it? every bit as insidious as violent attacks on the country. so we know, there is zero tolerance with the d.o.j. the coin guy is facing 15 years in prison. remember what we are talking about. a guy that most people have never heard of. he has never graced the white house. common, really, you think he actually has a chance to collapse the monetary system? really? okay. zero tolerance. again, unique form of domestic
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terrorism, every bit as insidious and clear and present danger to economic stability of this country. that's how we define under eric holder's d.o.j. domestic economic terrorism in this country. the audiotape i'm about to play is from the left's forum, the left forum. right here. a conference that happened at pace university at new york city. everybody was there. including the fox cameras. but apparently other people also were recording where fox couldn't record. frances fox piven, the arrest text of the overwhelm the system -- the arrest tech of the overwhelm the system -- the architect of the overwhelm the system. this is the largest organization of left wing organizers in the country. the left tells me that here frances fox piven is just an innocent kind grandmother but
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she seems to take frequent bakes from the cookie baking and quilts to write places like the nation or speak here about the wonderful violent uprisings in europe. go to places to speak like pace university, to the leaders of the labor movement. now maybe she was just trying to teach them how to bake cookies, although we didn't see any of that. i'm not sure. but frances fox piven's philosophy was everywhere. here is one of the panelists speaking about the philosophy. listen carefully. >> talking about why unions are so invested due to the pension plan and why ungonability of frances fox piven and cloward taught us, you know, poor people movement are successful when they create conditions of uncomfortability and then you win victory. >> glenn: create conditions of ungovernability. what does that mean? you want to destabilize. you want to get rid of the stabilization. because if everything is stable you can govern.
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it's almost like hey, wait a minute, they'll work together to over turn stability because they're against capitalism and israel. it will spread they will begin to destabilize europe and the rest of the world. destabilization. or make it ungovernable. like what happened in greece, egypt, madison, now let me play the audio for you. again, i believe nothing short of people planning an economic terrorist attack on our country. this may. and we just heard from the u.s. attorney what he believes it is. the coin guy at the least "conspiracy against america." a form of clear and present danger to the economic stability of this country. you listen to this stain and tell me if that doesn't fit this. the name, the guy you're about to hear is steven learner. a former top official at seiu
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who left apparently when andy stern left. now we can't -- i have to say apparently, because we can't verify this. we made no less than six calls to the seiu, we talked to the media relations department, sent multiple e-mails, they will not verify if steven lerner works at seiu. i worked at companies, and you look in the company handbook and go no, he's no longer with us. it's about the simplest question we have tonight. the questions at seiu only get harder from here. introduced at seiu when he spoke this weekend at the left forum. he was the director of seiu's banking and finance campaign. important to remember. he was the person on the wall street reform for seiu. so he would go to the treasury department and meet on wall street reform. he is also the guy responsible for the video that we showed you here. the protest on the lawns
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do you remember when they started going to people's houses? remember that? seiu rent-a-thug stormed the property and trapped a young child home alone. he spearheaded the justice for janitors campaign that led protests all across the country in one city. protesters entered the busiest intersections in houston and handcuffed themselveses in a circumstance to trash cans and dumping trash in intersections in order to disrupt traffic. here is what he told other labor leaders this weekend. listen to his plan. listen carefully. here is the plan. >> we cannot survive doing what we do. but the simple fact of the matter is --
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>> glenn: remember, we just learned the united states government has zero tolerance policy for those who pose economic threat to the economic stability of the nation. just busted a guy putting out his own coins. here he is stating at an open conference that unions are almost dead, as are community organizations and they therefore must destabilize those in power, the banks. he is now going to outline a plan on how to clapping our government and our nation's financial system. >> for example, homeowners --
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12450 >> glenn: okay. using mass mortgage strikes and he also goes to student loans he hopes to create a new financial crisis. think of this. the whole reason that we did tarp, and is there anybody here that thinks that was a great idea to do tarp? the whole reason we did tarp and the stimulus package and the healthcare bill was to bring us back from the brink. and here he is, a man who has been to the white house. who is now detailing -- we
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haven't gotten to it yet -- a plan to push our financial given city tutions back to the brink -- financial institutions back to the brink. so every dollar we have given, every dollar has has been given to the government and bank and institutions through tarp will be wasted. now this is not just a pie in the sky thinking hey, maybe somebody would try that, sometime. no, no. listen carefully. he talks about, he is not going to give a lot of details because he is afraid there might be police in the audience. there wasn't. we might have been there. it's in the planning phase. i believe it's deeper than that. i want you to listen to, i think it's, it's uncut, 25 minutes. you have to hear the entire tape at your hair will fall out. listen to his strategy now.
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>> glenn: okay. here he is beginning to conspire to bring down the stock market. but he needs a villain for the story. well, they just picked one. play the tape. >> glenn: okay. when you listen to the whole thing, i'm telling you, it's much worse than this.
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the facts an influential labor leader with ties, he may still be working at seiu. we have can't get seiu to verify. we think he's no longer with them. ties to seiu. he has had at least four white house visits, stephen lerner has. we assume it's the same guy. we have can't get anyone at the white house to verify either today. visits to the u.s. treasury. we have one in december of 2010. he melt with elizabeth warren. remember, she takes care of all the little banks. visits to the u.s. treasury. this has been verified. they're targeting jp morgan chase. they want to disrupt new york city. and you'll see on the tape, the whole tape, that he talks about ten other states as well. he wants to create a mortgage strike. plus he talks on the longer tape of also getting students to not pay their student bills
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back. to trigger a financial crisis. he wants to crash the new york stock exchange and create instability. a unique form of domesticer the raffle. clear and present danger to economic stability of the country? you decide. you decide. now, listen, listen to the rest of his plan. >> i spent my entire adult life working with seiu. i'm not a newcomer to this. >> glenn: sorry, that's not his plan. that's one of, that's one of seiu's supporters. in that particular audio, president obama goes back and says he's been there his whole life and he starts naming all of the members of seiu. is it reasonable, america, to believe that obama doesn't know stephen lerner. he is one of the most influential -- this guy has
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been praised by everyone and has been around since the mid-1990s. this guy hopes to cause another financial crisis in the country. cause instability. cause a stock market crash. lerner was also clear this could not have the hallmark of the unions. it could not be known as a union deal, because it would cause too many problems and people would know. it had to be grassroots. listen.
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>> glenn: anybody know what "sabotage" means? you do? what does it mean? anybody know the root of the word, where it came from? yes, jim, in the back. >> thrown in the automated equipment in hol land. >> exact -- holland. >> glenn: exactly right. wooden shoes, did you hear what he said, put a boot or a shoe in the wheel. that is the literal definition of "sabotage." i told you on many episodes that this was happening. they would say there is no proof, i would quote them, i'd show them. i told you that you were going to be used as a pawn. and you had to be careful. i have news for you. this is happening. we have evidence. we have dates. and you are being used as a pawn. when we come back, i want to
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talk to union members, and the rest of the country, because there is a solution. you need an action plan. that's why i called you the real police.   
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>> glenn: we have a studio audience and i want to talk to them about a solution. i will ask you to participate in. i just laid out a pretty intense videotape, or audiotape of something that happened this weekend where you have a major labor leader planning the destruction of the united states of america. it is economic terrorism. the d.o.j. has not responded yet. i want you to know when you go and listen to the full tape, many americans will say yeah, the banks have screwed up. this is a coordinated attack. two steps away from the president of the united states and it's impossible for richard trumka or andy stern or someone in the president's inner circle to know what the man is saying and planning and not warn him. he should have been arrested. and he's heralded.
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i guarantee you, i guarantee you the coin man goes to prison. and nothing is said about this man except maybe he will lose his job whenever he is and move to the center of american progress with van jones. what do you do? first, union members. you don't want to see the collapse of the american economic and stock market and governmental overthrow and chaos. that's not who you are. i know that. teachers, that's not who you are. in california you have most of your money in the cal-pers, the california public employee retirement system. if you work for the state you don't want what this man is talking about and unions are supporting. more on this tomorrow. your 401(k), your retirement is invested in the stock market. if it tanks you lose. we all lose. benjamin netanyahu said there is a direct link between islamic terrorism and
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leftists. he is right. they both want to destroy the western way of life they'll do anything. again, this is not the average union member. but let me talk to the average union member and give the same speech that you gave every muslim in america after 9/11. where are you? where are the moderates? this evil must be rooted out from the inside. you must stand in your own union. a union that is silent or stands next to the unions are part of the problem. you must fumigate the hall of your union offices. if you don't rat these people out, we all lose. this is a detailed plan to collapse us. learner was a top official of the president's favorite union, has been at the white house four times officially. called to verify.
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they said it would return our call, but he is a blogger. the president's favorite website. the huffington post where he still listed at seiu. wade rathkey, in progressive circles refers to him as "brother lerner." go back to the gold coin guy. he's facing 15 years years in pn over printing coins. the u.s. attorney under holder called it as insidious as osama bin laden. terrorism. if they are worried about the dangers to the stability of american economy with coins shouldn't they be concerned about this man and whoever he is conspiring with? we released this story at 9:00 a.m. contacted the d.o.j. not a word. contacted j.p. morgan chase no official comment at this time. the white house won't return our calls. my prediction is seeing that the president recently named william daley, a senior executive from j.p. morgan as his chief of staff, we may not hear anything.
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it's why we didn't share the story with anyone before we shared it with you. andy stern was number one visitor at the white house when lerner was at seiu. richard trumka talks to the white house daily. makes weekly visit. hilda solis and joe biden are coordinating with the unions in wisconsin. this president as you heard him say is not a newcomer to seiu. coupled with the fact that the d.o.j. won't investigate anyone on the radical left but they will continue to throw the book at the coin guy, my guess is this investigation won't get done. now if i left it there, it would be frustrating. but there is an answer. at the beginning of the year i said i'm tired of waiting someone else to lead. you are the key. i introduced e-4, and it centers around the idea that
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the solution comes from the individual. it's not a new idea. it's the founders' idea. a lot of people will ask me why entrepreneurship? why? is that for your corporations? is that what that is? no. no. it goes back to the beginning of the show. good versus evil. anger, hate and chaos. what does it lead to? destruction. peace, love and order. what does that lead to? creativity. we need to be a creative, not a destructive force. there is nothing good that comes out of this. the idea that chaos is a solution honestly comes directly from the gates of hell. the only way to stop it is to get away from the gates of hell. and stand over by the other
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gates. the reason i told you the story tonight, and i say you are the police is because they say in this, if it gets out and people know it's the unions behind it, then it doesn't work. they are already starting it as we show you tomorrow. we will show you their own words. it's already begun. you must inform yourself and you must tell everyone you know. because they're going to be lured in to a trap. they will tell you to get out in the streets. no violence is necessary. violence is this side. sunlight is the most powerful weapon there is. it makes the cockroachs scatter back underneath the refrigerator. there is a lot to be found in this story, a lot more to the story. you can find it at prepare to be an expert on this topic. and if i may, i haven't asked you to do anything i don't
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think in quite some time. i want to ask you to do one thing. kind of a flash mob idea. next. glenn is calling for a flash mob in your hometown. wait until you hear what he wantous to do next.
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i'm bret baier. president obama says he's confident the u.s. can transfer the lead of the mission in libya to other allies soon. nato officials said today the organization would help enforce the no-fly zone, not lead it. but president obama just said discussions are continuing. >> i have absolutely no doubt that we will be able to transfer control of this operation to an international coalition. i have had discussions with prime minister cameron. and president sarkozy today. in fact, nato is meeting today as we speak. to work out the mechanisms for
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commander and control. i would expect that over the next several days we'll have clarity and the meeting of the minds of all those who are participating in the process. >> bret: all the latest on "special report" at the top of the hour now back to glenn beck. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: i have members of -- are you tea party or 9.12 project? what are you? 9.12. i started the 9.12 project. it was two years ago. can you believe it's been two years? two years ago i started the 9.12 project. it recommended it on the air and you took it and it just went crazy there are 9.12 projects all over the country now. and i called you guys in. as you know, i'm not anybody's
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leader or anything else. i have a suggestion for you. i want to talk to you about -- who believes, who believes that these people that i just played the tape are dead serious that have collapsing the economy of the united states? okay. i wish you were in the d.o.j. who believes that even if they don't do any of this stuff, that somebody else, al-qaeda or our own stupidity or greed will lead to a financial collapse? okay, good. not good, but you know what i mean. here is the thing. we learned a lot from japan. let's have a little exercise here of what we learn from japan. what is saving the people of japan right now? honor. >> love for country. >> glenn: honor. respect.
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order. discipline. character. honor. generosity. how about -- really, honor and respect, and order, generosity, that is charity. fewer lawyers. that's good. get into something tangible. these are nice, but what else? they're family. something tangible. tangible. preparedness and what? they need food. water. how about communication? >> tsunami warning. >> glenn: shelter. great. warning. does anybody remember, throw this up in the old tv.
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when we were little -- at least when i was little. i haven't been little in a long time. but does anybody remember the ebs warnings? they looked light this. can you play that? down here. >> this is a test. for the next 60 seconds this station will conduct a test of the emergency broadcast system. this is only a tests. [ tone ] >> glenn: this is before ebs, a civil defense test. this is when we thought the missiles would come over the polar cap. i love the system because i was in radio. i was in radio at 13 and we used to do the tests. i lived in washington state. when i found out how the ebs system worked at the time, i about wet my pants. the ebs system was tripped. and it required a network. what would happen is one flagship station would trip the ebs in washington, d.c. like a tree, it would go to the next station and the next station and the next station and they would all have to trip the tests.
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this is off the top of my head. but i remember the missiles came in 12 minutes. to impact. ebs was like two-and-a-half hours to get all the way across there is just no way it would have worked. but we did it and we were prepared. that gave me any on a couple of things. first of all, how many have, how many have any kind of food storage? good for you. good for you. how many people have been told they're absolutely out of their mind for doing it? yes. and you did it anyway. so you know you have food. the idea i said on this program is to be a help to others. how many of you have more than you need because you plan on being a shelter for others? good for you. i want to go to communication and warning.
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then hope. love. and charity. i want to give you an idea and ask you to help. we'll do that next. [ applause ]
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>> glenn: we're back with an audience full of 9.12ers today because i want to ask your help on something. we learned from j pan, be prepared. i get hammered all the time for talking about preparedness. i'd rather be wrong and all of us have too much to eat than be right, believe me. in a time of crisis, if somebody is trying to create chaos, they are trying to create a system of fear, anger and confusion.
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why? but they can shove people in their answer. they are looking for people to be desperate for an answer. the only way to solve this so to not have people be desperate for an answer. we have can't stop the financial crisis. if al-qaeda, somebody else -- the government maybe but we have to be right every single time. it looks like people are on vacation at the d.o.j. sometimes. we have to be right every single time. it's impossible. impossible. the longer the time line, the more likely it is something along the way will disrupt. why not be prepared and make sure we can minimize the fear, anger and confusion? the opposite of this chaos is hope. where someone has answers and it's calm. to give you time to think. shelter that hoover called -- hover or coolidge, does anybody know -- a period of
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normalcy. they will try to find the illusion of normalcy. that is why i'm going to ask you to do this. first, food. do not be beholding to any man. if the supply line breaks down in this country, it's not three days. who even knows how to grow food for the love of pete? if something happened where it was disrupted by a bombing or something else, i don't know how to grow food. do you? a friend of mine said the other day i've been listening to you and i think you're right. she lives in new york. i'm going to start growing tomatoes on my apartment balcony. i said here in new york? she said yeah. i said well, good, then they'll come up in the riots and eat you and eat your tomatoes. what are you thinking? four tomatoes is not food storage.
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the next is know the truth. know what is worth dying or or living for. educate yourself. most people don't know the constitution. empower yourself. be the creative force. not a destructive force. know the answers, because people will be in chaos. they don't know what is happening. i swear to you if you are watching the show and you come up to me in the street of chaos and say when did this happen? or my favorite, "how did this happen?" you will be lucky not to get a punch in the face. it's happening right now. you have to know the answers there are three more steps i want you to take next.  
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>> glenn: i want to tell you this. write this down. you need to be trustworthy and you need to be connected. that's why. connect. phone tree. the ebs system. connect with each other so if there is a problem you can check on one another. be visible. this is what i want you to ask you to do. you find more information on this on the website, not today because i didn't prepare. april 21, a thursday. i want you to be a flash mob.
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we have to be visible. write on the t-shirt, 9.12 project or whatever. we have to be visible force for good. people will be pushing and we need to show if you're very good or evil. on that day, collect can goods or whatever you can, get bag and group of people together. on that day, i don't care where it is, if it's the unemployment line or a soup kitchen. go where people are going for someone to give them a hand, especially government. people that in the unemployment line are desperate and hungry. some of them have given up hope. i have been unemployed for a year. it's tough. i want you to go in with a group of people with a bag of groceries. walk up to one individual and hand it to them and say "brother, i love you." take this. don't you dare give up. don't give up.
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a lot of people are praying for you every night and leave." flash mob all over the country. i'd like to roll out once a month we do something as a group. it doesn't have to come from me. but you get on the sites and 9.12 project or freedom connector or the meet up and you coordinate with each other. you make impression of goodness in your community. right now a lot of confusion is coming and a lot of people will be vying for the space. you must be known as a trustworthy individual. somebody that is honorable and does the right thing at their own expense. takes the time and has real compassion for people. too many time, people at the tea party, you just want people to starve. no, you don't. no, you don't.
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be a good samaritan. a good samaritan. so if i could ask you on april 21, i'm just going to make this suggestion. and then you take it from here. you decide as a group all over the country, you decide what you want to do and then do it. be a force for good. because there are enough forces of evil out there. back in a minute.
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